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National Guidance on Self-Directed Support



Purpose of part 3

188. Part 3 of this guidance sets out good practice for equalising access to self-directed support for people from specific client groups. It is intended to support the efforts that all local authorities, Health Boards, and local support organisations will wish to make to ensure that self-directed support becomes routinely available to those from minority ethnic communities ( section 11); those using children's services ( section 12), people using mental health services ( section 13), and older people aged 65 and over ( section 14), and that statutory duties are met.

189. Local support services should also aim to expand their service to better meet the needs of various client groups. This may require dialogue and partnership work with representative groups, for example minority ethnic representatives, children's or older people's organisations, disability groups, and carer's representatives. They should expand their outreach so that the places where potential users routinely meet (for example, GPs, social networks) have the targeted information individuals might need.