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Dealing with Debt: Finding your feet: Advice for you if you are in debt


How to use this booklet

In this booklet we give information about:

  • self-help if you are unable to pay your debts
  • free money advice services.

The flow chart shows you where you are in the debt recovery process. Look out any recent letters from your creditors (the people you owe money to) as these may tell you what action is being taken against you.

An example: if you know your creditors are planning to arrest your wages, look for 'wage arrestments' on the flow chart. The chart will point you to the right chapter in this booklet ( chapters 5 and 6a for wage arrestments).

Phone numbers for agencies that give free, independent, impartial, confidential money advice run along the bottom of each page. Also, there is a sheet that accompanies this booklet giving the phone numbers for free money advice in your own area.