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Report of the stocktake of Alcohol and Drug Action Teams



Purpose of the Review

The purpose of the exercise is to assess the current performance of ADATs and examine their capability to deliver Ministerial priorities on drugs and alcohol within the framework and against the principles of best value.

In doing so, the following should be established:

  • the methods used by ADATs to demonstrate their strategic leadership, vision and direction and how strategic decision-making at a local level is used to inform the identification of priorities, the use of resources and the assessment of their impact at a local level and against national priorities;
  • the mechanisms in place to secure a culture of continuous improvement in relation to key areas such as performance and financial management including those arrangements in place between the Scottish Executive and ADATs; commissioning and service review practices; staff development; and strategic partnership working to achieve shared outcomes for service users and communities;
  • the methods by which ADATs demonstrate improvement in services and outcomes year on year whilst balancing quality and costs with service delivery;
  • best practice demonstrated by ADATs; and
  • the issues that prevent efficient and effective working within the current ADAT structure and recommendations on the actions that are needed to overcome these.

The exercise should provide a firm evidence base to enable the Minister for Justice and Minister for Health and Community Care to take a view on the partnership framework needed to deliver on the Executive's priorities for drugs and alcohol; and - as appropriate - to what extent ADATs should be developed to ensure that they are the most efficient and effective partnership model for taking this work programme forward and the associated resource implications.