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Delivering a Healthy Future: An Action Framework for Children and Young People's Health in Scotland

DescriptionDelivering a Healthy Future sets out a structured programme of actions, drawn primarily from existing policy initiatives and commitments, to improve services for children and young people in Scotland.
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Official Print Publication DateFebruary 2007
Website Publication DateFebruary 21, 2007


ISBN 978 0 7559 5336 3

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Children and Young People's Health Support Group


Children And Young People - The Challenges

Section 1 - The Way Forward
Working Together
Integrated Children's Services
Getting it Right for Every Child
Child Protection
Changing Lives
Youth Justice
Community Health Partnerships
Opportunities Through Education
Health Improvement in Schools
School Nutrition
Physical Activity
Additional Support for Learning
The Importance of Parenting
Looked After Children and Young People
A Health Creating Society
Health Inequality
Food and Physical Activity
The Role of the NHS
Health Services Fit for Children and Young People
Why Children and Young People are Different
The Need for Age Appropriate Care
The Importance of the Family
Patterns of Ill Health
The Need for Protection and Advocacy
Improving the Health of Children and Young People
Promoting Health and Well Being
Balancing Access, Quality and Sustainability
Developing and Training the Workforce
Reflecting Patient Focus - Age Appropriate Services and Advocacy
Ensuring Performance Management and Quality Assurance

Section 2 - Improving Services
Providing Care Locally
Emergency Care
Hospital Services
Specialist Services
Mental Health Services
Complex Needs
Remote And Rural Care

Section 3 - Supporting Change
Involving Children, Young People and their Carers
Education, Training and Development
Planning and Commissioning of Children and Young People's Services
Models of Care
Performance Management - Quality Improvement

Annex 1 - Membership of the Children and Young People's Health Support Group
Annex 2 - Action Plan for Getting it Right for Every Child
Annex 3 - Glossary

Table 1. - Levels of care and location for the provision of emergency care
Table 2. - Organisation of acute inpatient services for children and young people in Scotland
Figure 1. - Discharges from acute hospitals
Figure 2. - Infrastructure for the delivery of improved health outcomes and health services for children and young people in Scotland