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Scottish Transport Statistics: No 25 - 2006 Edition

Descriptionhas figures on (e.g.) road vehicles, traffic, accidents, toll bridges, bus and rail passengers,road and rail freight, air and water transport,finance, personal travel and international comparisons.
Official Print Publication DateDecember 2006
Website Publication DateDecember 18, 2006


A Scottish Executive National Statistics Publication

ISBN 0 7559 5313 4

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Foreword: the 25th edition of "Scottish Transport Statistics"
New tables and change of publication date
Detailed list of statistical tables
Summary Transport Statistics, including Historical Series

Commentary and statistical tables:
1. Road transport vehicles
2. Bus and coach travel
3. Road freight
4. Toll bridges
5. Road network
6. Road traffic
7. Injury road accidents
8. Rail services
9. Air transport
10. Water transport
11. Finance
12. Personal and cross-modal travel

International Comparisons
Annex 1: Mid-year population estimates for 2005
Annex 2: Areas covered by Operating Companies
Errors in the previous edition
Recent Research Reports
Scottish Executive Transport Statistics publications
Information available from the S.E. Transport Statistics Web site
Scottish Executive Statistical Services

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Symbols used: The following symbols are used throughout:


not available

or 0

nil or less than half the final digit shown ( NB: these are used interchangeably)


break in series

Rounding: In some tables, where figures have been rounded independently, the sum of constituent items may not always appear to agree exactly with the total shown.

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E-mail :transtat@scotland.gsi.gov.uk

Suggestions for improvements should be addressed to the Transport Statistician, at the above address.

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Web version of the publication

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Excel spreadsheet versions of the tables are available via: www.scotland.gov.uk/transtat/sheets Updated versions of some of the tables and charts in this edition will be made available, in due course, via: www.scotland.gov.uk/transtat/stsupdate .

A separate page, just before the end of this publication, provides more information about what is available from the Transport Statistics Web site.