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Education Appeal Committees: Proposals for Reform: A Consultation

DescriptionConsulation document concerning proposals to reform Education Appeal Committees.
Official Print Publication DateNovember 2006
Website Publication DateNovember 10, 2006


ISBN 0 7559 5275 8

This document is also available in pdf format (280k)

There is also a summary consultation document which covers our main proposals to improve EACs, and the broader questions in the consultation - Education Appeal Committees: Proposals For Reform Summary: A Consultation Summary Paper

Full Consultation Paper Contents


The issues and our proposals
Information and advice for those appealing
Pre-hearing meetings
Procedures at a hearing
Representation at a hearing
Combined hearings
Panel membership
Training of panel members

The education appeal committee system as a whole
Consultation questions
How to respond
List of consultees
Respondee information form
The Scottish Executive consultation process

Online Form for Consultation Responses