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Final results of the 2006 June Agricultural Census

DescriptionTables showing the final results of the 2006 June Agricultural and Horticultural census
Official Print Publication Date
Website Publication DateOctober 25, 2006


These final figures indicate that, compared with June 2005:-

  • The total number of cattle decreased by 29,000 or 1.5 per cent to 1.930 million
  • The total number of sheep fell by 275,000 or 3.5 per cent to 7.608 million
  • The total number of pigs decreased by 6,000 or 1.2 per cent to 463,000
  • The total size of the poultry flock fell by 1.154 million or 7.8 per cent to 13.550 million
  • The total area of combine harvested crops decreased by 15,000 hectares or 3.2 per cent to 438,000 hectares. Much of this decease was due to a 7.0 per cent fall in the area of barley. The area of oilseed rape fell by 5.3 per cent, whilst wheat increased by 4.2 per cent
  • The total number of staff employed was little changed, although there was a 3.0 per cent drop in casual or seasonal staff

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1. The results relate to the annual June Census of agricultural holdings. Census returns are completed by farmers. The returns provide information on the crops and livestock on the land which is owned or rented on a permanent basis by farmers, and the labour employed. These final results differ from the provisional results (particularly for pigs and poultry) as information for a small number of large holdings was received after the provisional results had been published.

2. These results cover June 2006 returns for main holdings - i.e. holdings above a certain economic or physical threshold. For the remaining holdings (minor holdings) an estimate is included based on the June 2005 Census and previous Censuses. A complete analysis of returns for minor holdings is conducted after the final analysis of the returns from the main holdings in October.

3. This release of June Census results contains minor revisions for the years 2003, 2004 and 2005. These revisions have been made to correct an error in the programs used to estimate agricultural activity for non-responders. Although most of these revisions are small, they are all in a downward direction. Tables showing the extent of the revisions are available at :