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HM Inspectorate of Prisons: Report on HMP Peterhead


12. Points of Note

12.1 The temperature of the showers in 'B' Annexe, 'A' Hall, 'B' Hall, 'C' Hall and 'D' Hall should be monitored by staff and remedial action taken when necessary (paragraph 2.9).

12.2 The doors on the toilet cubicles in 'B' Annexe, 'A' Hall, 'B' Hall, 'C' Hall and 'D' Hall should be made larger (paragraph 2.11).

12.3 A canopy should be fitted to the uncovered telephone in 'C' Hall (paragraph 2.13).

12.4 Prisoners should be issued with hand wipes to ensure they maintain reasonable levels of hygiene (paragraph 2.15).

12.5 Prisoners should be able to acquire the equipment and materials they need to keep their cells clean (paragraph 2.15).

12.6 Prisoners in 'E' Hall should be allowed to use the telephone during patrol periods (paragraph 2.21).

12.7 The prison should address the needs of prisoners who experienced alcohol or drug problems before coming into custody, or before transferring to Peterhead from other establishments (paragraph 4.4).

12.8 The drainage in the shower in reception should be repaired (paragraph 5.1).

12.9 SPS should ensure that the escort contractor carries out planned escorts regularly, on time, and a time that meets the needs of the rest of the prison (paragraph 5.2).

12.10 Formal links between Sentence Management, Social Work and Psychology should be established to ensure delivery of throughcare (paragraph 5.12).

12.11 The way in which referrals to the mental health service are screened should be reviewed (paragraph 6.13).

12.12 Ways of providing a day care type facility for prisoners with mental health issues should be examined (paragraph 6.14).

12.13 The prison should ensure that it has sufficient aids and adaptations to meet the needs of the prisoner population (paragraph 6.22).

12.14 The temperature in the learning centre should be controlled sufficiently to always ensure a pleasant learning environment (paragraph 7.3).

12.15 The lending system in the library should be computerised (paragraph 7.5).

12.16 Learners with shorter sentences, or those coming to the end of their sentences should have more opportunities to access VT workshops (paragraph 7.8).

12.17 A strategic plan for the provision of learning, skills and employability should be developed (paragraphs 7.10 and 7.19).

12.18 Learners who are about to complete their courses should be given the opportunity to discuss what further opportunities are available on completion of their course (paragraph 7.14).

12.19 Quality assurance and improvement strategies in LSE should be formalised (paragraph 7.18).

12.20 The proposal to offer sports based qualifications should be carefully managed (paragraph 8.8).

12.21 Interviewing facilities for social workers should be improved (paragraph 8.14).

12.22 Social work services within the prison should have a greater role in prisoners' lives (paragraph 8.21).

12.23 The disjointed feeling within the Psychology Department should be addressed (paragraph 8.24).

12.24 A planned preventative maintenance estate programme should be reinstated (paragraph 9.2).

12.25 The prison should reintroduce the opportunity for prisoners to attain qualifications in the kitchen (paragraph 9.18).

12.26 Prisoners and staff who serve food in the halls should always wear white overalls (paragraph 9.23).

12.27 Food-handling training should be provided to all prisoners and staff who serve meals (paragraph 9.23).

12.28 Facilities and washing up liquid required by prisoners to clean their cutlery and plates should be provided (paragraph 9.23).

12.29 A senior Manager should sample a meal every day, and should do so in the halls as well as in the kitchen (paragraph 9.24).

12.30 Certificated training should be available in the laundry (paragraph 9.31).

12.31 The prison should use the canteen sheet as a means of communicating with prisoners (paragraph 9.35).