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HM Inspectorate of Prisons: Report on HMP Peterhead


11. Recommendations

11.1 A way of restricting persistent and trivial complaints, without inhibiting the right of prisoners to make complaints should be found (paragraph 3.15).

11.2 A pre-release programme suitable to the assessed needs of prisoners in Peterhead should be developed and implemented, and made available to all prisoners prior to any arrangements being made for liberation (paragraphs 5.15 and 5.19).

11.3 Staffing issues within the health centre should be resolved as a matter of urgency (paragraph 6.10).

11.4 The visits facility should be improved (paragraph 8.2).

11.5 All prisoners should have an allocated supervising social worker in the responsible local authority. These supervising social workers must visit prisoners during their sentence (paragraph 8.18).

11.6 The link between prison and community social work resources should be improved (paragraph 8.19).

11.7 Evidence of the effectiveness of the STOP programmes should be gathered soon (paragraph 8.30).

11.8 Further STOP programmes should be available to address the waiting list which exists (paragraph 8.38).

11.9 A decision should be made on the future of the prison (paragraph 9.2).