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Substance Misuse Research: Review of Evidence Relating to Volatile Substance Abuse in Scotland

DescriptionReview of the evidence relating to volatile substance abuse in Scotland
Official Print Publication DateSeptember 2006
Website Publication DateSeptember 19, 2006


Kate Skellington Orr
MVA Limited
David Shewan
Glasgow Caledonian University

ISBN 0 7559 6218 4

This document is also available in pdf format (516k)


Executive Summary

Chapter 1: Introduction
Policy Context
The Review Strategy
Research Caveats
Presentation of the Review Findings

Chapter 2: Nature of Volatile Substance Abuse
Definitional Issues
Abused Products
Methods of Abuse
Environments of Abuse
User Profiles
Epidemiology and Other Drug Use
Psycho-Social Correlates of Volatile Substance Abuse
Physiological and Psychological Correlates of Volatile
Substance Abuse
Deaths Associated with VSA

Chapter 3: Estimating the Prevalence of VSA
Prevalence Surveys and Statistics
Survey Limitations
Other Scottish Data

Chapter 4: Effective Communication of VSA Messages
Media Representations of VSA
Key Stakeholders and Target Audiences
Drug Education
Awareness Raising Campaigns
Local Communications

Chapter 5: Successful Prevention of VSA
Harm Minimisation
Effective Interventions
Availability and Sales of Substances
Product Modifications

Chapter 6: Tackling VSA in the Future
Summary of Key Findings
Nature and Volume of Evidence
Gaps in the Evidence
The Way Forward

Appendix 1: Substances and Products of Abuse from the Research