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Modernising Nursing Careers: Setting the Direction

DescriptionModernising Nursing Careers
Official Print Publication DateSeptember 2006
Website Publication DateAugust 31, 2006


ISBN 0 7559 5213 8
This document is also available in pdf format (244k)


The purpose of this report
From the Chief Nursing Officer
1. The context of nursing is changing
2. Health care is changing
3. What will this mean for the way nurses work?
4. Nursing and nursing careers today
5. Nursing careers for tomorrow
6. Towards modern nursing careers: priorities and actions
Develop a competent and flexible nursing workforce
Update career pathways and career choices
Prepare nurses to lead in a changed health care system
Modernise the image of nursing and nursing careers
Annex 1 Membership of the Modernising Nursing Careers Board