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Setting Local Speed Limits: Guidance for Local Authorities: ETLLD Circular 1/2006

DescriptionSetting Local Speed Limits
Official Print Publication DateAugust 2006
Website Publication DateAugust 15, 2006


ISBN 0 7559 1404 X (Web only publication)


Covering Letter

1. Introduction

2. Background and Objectives

3. Responsibility and Underlying Principles

4. The Legislative Framework

5. Urban Speed Management
5.1. 20 mph Speed Limits and Zones
5.2. Traffic Calming Measures
5.3. 40 and 50 mph Speed Limits

6. Rural Speed Management
6.1. Single Carriageway Rural Roads and the Speed Assessment Framework
6.2. Dual Carriageway Rural Roads
6.3. Villages

7. Home Zones

8. References/Bibliography

Annex A Summary of main changes to speed limit signing regimes in the Traffic Signs Regulations and General Directions 2002
Annex B Traffic calming measures suitable for urban roads
Annex C Speed limits in urban areas
Annex D Speed limits for single carriageway roads in rural areas
Annex E Speed Assessment Framework - new approach to speed limit setting for single carriageway roads in rural areas
Annex FSEDD Circular No 6/2001, 20 mph Speed Limits
Annex GETLLD Circular No 1/2004, 20 mph Speed Limits Around Schools on Roads with Speed Limits Higher than 30 mph