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Assessing the Impact of the Central Heating Programme on Tackling Fuel Poverty: Report on the Second Year of the Programme 2002-2003

DescriptionReport on impacts of second year of central heating programme on fuel poverty.
ISBN07559 6166 8
Official Print Publication DateAugust 2006
Website Publication DateAugust 02, 2006


Bill Sheldrick and David Hepburn, Alembic Research
ISBN 0 7559 6166 8
This document is also available in pdf format (892k)


Executive Summary

Chapter One Introduction
Fuel Poverty
Central Heating Programme
Monitoring Programme
Report on Year 2 of the Central Heating Programme

Chapter Two Methodology

Chapter Three Survey Sample Population
Household Composition
Council Tax Bands
Overall Comments on Chapter 3

Chapter Four Energy Efficiency in the Home
NHER Profile of Dwellings in Central Heating Programme
Characteristics of Dwellings Scoring <4 on NHER
Overall Comment on Chapter Four

Chapter Five Household Fuel Costs and Warmth
Household Reported Fuel Expenditure
Calculated Fuel Costs
Fuel Expenditure To Achieve Satisfactory Heating Regime
Overall Comment on Chapterfive

Chapter Six Household Income
Household Income By Sub-Groups
Winter Fuel Allowance
Overall Comment on Chapter Six

Chapter Seven Assessing the Impact on Fuel Poverty
Household Reported Fuel Expenditure and Income
The Official Definition of Fuel Poverty
Fuel Poverty and Household Income
Fuel Poverty, Fuel Costs, NHER and Household Income
Overall Comment on Chapter Seven

Chapter Eight Dampness, Condensation and Mould
Dampness and Condensation
Presence of Mould in the Home
Overall Comment on Chapter Eight

Chapter Nine Ancillary Issues
Level of Fuel Debt
Prepayment Meters and Self-Disconnection
Changing Fuel Suppliers
Changing Payment Methods
Use of the House
Health Improvements
Overall Comment on Chapter Nine

Chapter Ten Household Experience With New System
Heating System Performance
Overall Satisfaction
Ease of Use
Overall Comment on Chapter Ten

Chapter 11 Conclusions

Appendix 1: SFPS Definition of Household Income
Appendix 2: Sample Size and Survey

The views expressed in this report are those of the researcher and
do not necessarily represent those of the Department or Scottish Ministers.

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