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Scottish Planning Policy SPP 6: Renewable Energy: Consultation Draft


Annex B: Key Ofgem Approved Grid Upgrades

The following lists the key upgrades currently approved by Ofgem:

  • Beauly - Denny (involving works in SHETL and SPTL areas - primarily upgrade along existing route)
  • Sloy (involving works in SHETL and SPTL areas - primarily upgrades to the substation)
  • South-West Scotland (involving works in SPTL area - primarily new network)
  • The Scotland- England interconnector (involving works in SPTL and NGC areas - upgrade of infrastructure)

These key upgrades, along with further local reinforcements, could allow the connection of up to 6.3 GW of generation capacity depending on the locations of consented generation schemes. The capacity would be created across the two transmission areas as follows:

  • up to 2.3 GW in the SHETL area; and
  • up to 4.0 GW in the SPTL area.

As of June 2006, consented renewable energy developments total 3.7 GW. If these all proceed, then a further 2.3 GW of consented projects would take the total to 6 GW. This 2.3 GW could readily be accommodated within the likely available Scottish grid capacity of circa 4 GW should these four upgrades be consented and built.