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HM Inspectorate of Prisons: Report on HMP Greenock - February 2006



10.1 The strategy for the management of sex offenders (paragraph 2.11).

10.2 Fruit and cereal are widely available in Chrisswell House and Darroch Hall (paragraphs 2.17, 2.23).

10.3 The involvement of the prisoner in the preparation for his tribunal (paragraph 5.25).

10.4 The arrangements for physical education, and the range of initiatives introduced (paragraphs 7.7 and 7.12).

10.5 The information, comments slip and internal mailbox in the visitors waiting room (paragraph 8.2).

10.6 The management report describing all essential staff issues (paragraph 9.10).

10.7 The canteen system (paragraph 9.26).