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Changing Our Ways: Scotland's Climate Change Programme

DescriptionScotland's Climate Change programme
Official Print Publication DateMarch 2006
Website Publication DateMarch 30, 2006


ISBN 0 7559 4984 6
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Acronyms and other abbreviations

Section 1: Introduction

Section 2: Climate change and sustainable development
Scotland's global contribution
Sustainable development principles
The longer term

Section 3: Scotland's equitable contribution
An equitable contribution
The Scottish Share
The Scottish Target

Section 4: Scotland's achievements so far
Our emissions record
Decoupling emissions from economic activity
Other notable successes

Section 5: Developments at sector level
Overview of emission trends at sector level
Energy sector
Transport sector
Agriculture, forestry and land use sector
Business sector
Residential sector
Public sector
Waste management sector
Bringing the mitigation side together

Section 6: Adapting to the impacts
The changing climate
Adaptation policy
Key areas of adaptation activity

Section 7: Moving forward
Mainstreaming climate thinking
Working together
Measuring and reporting progress
Communicating more widely

Annex A: The review process
Annex B: Evidence of climate change
Annex C: Impacts of climate change
Annex D: The wider policy response
Annex E: Supporting analysis for the Scottish Share
Annex F: Scottish greenhouse gas emissions trends