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Scotland's Transport Future: Guidance on Regional Transport Strategies

DescriptionGuidance for Regional Transport Partnerships in preparing Regional Transport Strategies
Official Print Publication DateMarch 2006
Website Publication DateMarch 08, 2006


ISBN 0 7559 2977 2
This document is also available in pdf format (1.4mb)


Foreword by the Minister for Transport

Section 1: Introduction and purpose of the guidance

Section 2: Guidance
A. Purpose of the regional transport strategy

B. Content
i. Principles
ii. Implementing the requirements of the Transport (Scotland) Act 2005
iii. Scope
iv. Transport modes
C. Context
i. Land-use planning - current situation
ii. Land-use planning - proposed changes
iii. National Transport Strategy
iv. Local Transport Strategies
v. Community Planning
vi. Drivers and Constraints
D. Process
i. STAG, SEA and assurance
ii. Timetable
iii. Scoping - challenges and opportunities
iv. Agreeing the vision
v. Setting the objectives
vi. Generating the options and initial appraisal/sifting
vii. Appraising the options
viii. Decision on options and prioritisation
ix. Consultation
x. RTP sign-off and submission to Ministers for approval
xi. Ministerial approval
xii. Publication
E. Implementation
i. Delivery Plans
ii. Transport functions
iii. Functions models
iv. Functions requests: form and content
v. Duty on councils, health boards and others to perform transport functions consistently with the RTS
vi. Funding
vii. Monitoring
viii. Review
ix. Reporting
F. Good practice and information sharing

Section 3: Contacts and assistance

A Map of regional transport partnerships
B Extracts from the Transport (Scotland) Act 2005
C Scotland's Transport Future: vision, aims and objectives
D Meeting the provisions of the Transport (Scotland) Act 2005
E Scottish Executive documents containing targets relevant to transport, key documents setting overall policy directions relevant to transport and useful information sources
F Transport drivers and constraints
G Scottish Transport Appraisal Guidance ( STAG)
H Strategic Environmental Assessment ( SEA)
I Assurance process
J Model Timetable for the completion of the first statutory regional transport strategies
K Equal Impact Assessments