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Review of Sea Fish Industry Authority



1 Review of the Agricutural and Horticultural Levy Bodies. Rosemary Radcliffe. October 2005. Paragraphs 5.2 to 5.5.

2 But it should be noted that FDF are also opposed to paying levy on imported fish raw materials, so the implication is that SFIA should devote a much reduced levy spend to its traditional work.

3 Para 5.6.

4 This number includes 1 small levy payer from the catching sector and, from the importing/distribution/processing sectors, 4 large levy payers, 3 medium and 7 small. We define large as those paying over vǬ£100k in levy in a year, medium as those who pay between vǬ£100k and vǬ£20k, and small as those paying less than vǬ£20k

5 This respondent asked for their response to be treated in confidence.

6 See para 51 above, and para 5.6 of RR report

7 Fisheries Act 1981. Section 4 (3)

8 Hansard. 12 January 1981, column 824. The Minister was Mr Alick Buchanon-Smith

9 Hansard. 12 January 1981. Col. 761. The Opposition spokesman was Mr Roy Mason.

10 Ibid. Col. 824/5.

11 Box V.3. Page 114.