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Road Accidents Scotland 2004


The Scottish Executive Transport Statistics Web Pages

These can be found at: www.scotland.gov.uk/transtat They provide:

  • the specification of the "Stats 19" road accident statistics returns (including details of the changes to be made with effect from the "January 2005" returns); and
  • arrangements for consulting users and providers, including:
    Transport & Travel Statistics Advisory Committee (also via: .../transtat/ttsac )
    Liaison Group on Road Accident Statistics (also via: …./transtat/lgras )
  • links to other relevant Web sites.

Updated versions of some of the 'key' tables and charts in Scottish Transport Statistics will be prepared in the following instances:

(a) when a further year's figures become available for "key" topics which are "a year behind" the rest ( e.g. topics for which the Summary shows "not available" for the latest year, like the "bus" and "waterborne freight" statistics in the "2004" edition); and

(b) to correct any errors that are found in published tables.

Please note that:

  • the updated tables will be made available in spreadsheets which will appear separately from those which give the figures in the tables that were originally published;
  • the electronic version of the publication will not be updated - it will remain as published.

There are twelve extra road accident statistics tables, each covering the years from 1981 to 2003. The kinds of topics for which they provide numbers include:

  • killed and seriously injured casualties by mode of transport;
  • child casualties by age and sex;
  • accidents by police force area and severity; and
  • casualties by Council area and severity.

In order to receive e-mails notifying you of the "release" of updated versions of Scottish Transport Statistics tables, extra road accident statistics tables, new Scottish Executive ( SE) Transport Statistics publications and any consultations on SE Transport statistics, you can join the ScotStat "Transport" e-mail list. To do this, register as a user of SE Transport statistics by going to: www.scotland.gov.uk/scotstat and clicking on 'access the SCOTSTAT register'. You can then enter your details in the register. Please specify the overall "Transport" theme as a subject area of interest to you. You will then receive all e-mails sent to the list(s) for the subject area(s) in which you have registered an interest.