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Scottish Energy Study: Volume 1: Energy in Scotland: Supply and Demand

DescriptionScottish Energy Study - Volume 1 - Energy in Scotland, Supply and Demand
Official Print Publication DateJanuary 2006
Website Publication DateJanuary 19, 2006


ISBN 0 7559 1307 8 (Web only publication)
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Glossary of acronyms and terms

Executive Summary
This Report

1 Introduction
1.1 The Scottish Energy Study
1.2 Volume 1: Energy supply and demand and associated CO 2 emissions in 2002

2 Background and Data Sources
2.1 The approach to estimating energy consumption
2.2 Choice of 2002 as the base year
2.3 Estimation of CO 2 emissions

3 Energy Demand and Related CO 2 Emissions
3.1 Domestic
3.2 Transport
3.3 Industry
3.4 Service Sector

4 Fuel Supply: Electricity and Oil
4.1 Electricity
4.2 Oil refining/petrochemicals

5 Energy Supply
5.1 Solid fuel - predominantly coal
5.2 Natural gas
5.3 Oil-based products
5.4 Nuclear Fuel
5.5 Renewable sources

6 Overall Energy and Associated CO 2
6.1 Energy Flow in Scotland
6.2 Scottish Summary for 2002
6.3 Assessment of Primary energy
6.4 Scotland compared with the Rest of the UK

7 Non-energy CO 2 Emissions from Scotland
7.1 Land Use Change & Forestry ( LUCF)
7.2 Fugitive, industry and other sources
7.3 Overall non-energy CO 2

8 Summary of Base Year Position
8.1 Energy and Related CO 2 emissions
8.2 Energy PLUS Non-Energy CO 2
8.4 Comparison of CO 2 EMISSIONS FOR 2002 with 2000 & 2001

9 Overview
9.1 Demand
9.2 Fuel Supply
9.3 Scottish Energy Consumption compared to the Rest of the UK
9.4 CO 2 Emissions

Appendix 1 Estimation of energy consumption in the Scottish domestic sector
Appendix 2 Estimation of energy consumption in the Scottish industry sector
Appendix 3 Estimation of energy consumption in the Scottish services sector
Appendix 4 Estimation of energy consumption by Scottish transport and other oil-based consumption
Appendix 5 Electricity use in UK/Scottish transport
Appendix 6 Electricity from DTI and other statistics, generic issues from data handling
Appendix 7 CO 2 allocation approaches for electricity
Appendix 8 Standard conversion and CO 2/kWh factors for different fuels
Appendix 9 Comparison of NAEICO 2 emissions for 2000, 2001 and 2002
Appendix 10 Dwelling occupancy and domestic appliance ownership in UK and Scotland
Appendix 11 EU- ETS installations in Scotland
Appendix 12 Summary of data sources and methods

List of Figures
Figure 1: Sectoral energy split
Figure 2: Scottish domestic sector energy split
Figure 3: Scotland and UK - domestic fuel split
Figure 4: Scottish transport sector energy split
Figure 5: Growth in GDP
Figure 6: Scottish industry sector energy split
Figure 7: Scotland & UK - industry fuel split
Figure 8: Scottish industry - main sectors
Figure 9: Scottish services sector energy split
Figure 10: Scotland & UK - Service sector fuel split
Figure 11: Scottish electricity - fuel use & electricity output
Figure 12: Scottish electricity - generation & use
Figure 13: Scottish electricity generating capacity
Figure 14: Coal consumption in Scotland
Figure 15: Gas consumption in Scotland
Figure 16: Oil consumption in Scotland
Figure 17: Renewable electricity sources in Scotland
Figure 18: Sankey diagram big picture
Figure 19: Main overview of energy flows in Scotland
Figure 20: Energy supply in Scotland
Figure 21: Electricity sector energy flow in Scotland
Figure 22: Final energy by sector in Scotland
Figure 23: Final energy by sector in Scotland
Figure 24: Contribution to CO2 by fuel type
Figure 25: Scottish CO2 contributions in perspective
Figure 26: 2002 UK emissions map of total CO2 (as C)
Figure 27: 2002 UK emissions map of energy CO2 (as C)
Figure 28: 2002 Scottish emissions map of total CO2 (as C)
Figure 29: 2002 Scottish emissions map of energy CO2 (as C)

The Scottish Energy Study comprises several volumes:

Volume 1 Energy in Scotland: Supply & Demand
Presenting data describing Scottish energy supply and demand, together with associated CO 2 emissions. Information is also given on how the data were derived.

Volume 2 A Changing Picture
Addressing how the Scottish energy picture has changed in recent years: the results derived in Volume 1 are compared with the findings of an earlier study based on 1990 data.

Volume 3 Energy Demand Database
A brief guide to an energy database: summarising Scottish energy use by sector.

Volume 4 Issues, Opportunities and Barriers
Considering the many factors that influence energy use in Scotland today. This volume considers key drivers. Based on this understanding it identifies the opportunities to improve energy use within Scotland and the barriers which must be overcome if this is to be achieved.

Volume 5 Looking Forward
Considering how Scotland's energy use could change in the medium term to 2020, using projections of demand and supply informed by different scenarios that will influence energy use in the future.