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Annual Listing of Publications

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Thursday 24/02/2005

making choices, facing challenges: developing your research career in nursing, midwifery and the allied health professions [Health and Community Care]

Information booklet on how to consider a future research career in Nursing, Midwifery and the Allied Health Professions

Blood testing following criminal incidents where there is a risk of infection: Proposals for Legislation

Consultation on legislative proposals to enable those who are put at risk of infection with a blood borne disease as a result of a crime to apply for the assailant to provide a blood sample

Acute Activity, Waiting Times and Waiting Lists - Quarter Ending 31 December 2004 [Health and Community Care]

Update of NHSScotland Acute Activity, Waiting Times and Waiting Lists on the Scottish Health Statistics website – quarterly information up to 31 December 2004.

Benefits and Tax Credits in Scotland August 2004 [Statistics]

Statistical Publication Notice

Scottish Local Government Financial Statistics 2003-04 [Statistics]

An annual publication providing information on Scottish Local Authority income and expenditure, outstanding debt, and local taxes

Scottish Planning Policy SPP 20 - Role of Architecture and Design Scotland [Planning]

Draws together and reinforces the Executive's published design policy commitments and sets out the role of Architecture and Design Scotland.

Third HECA Progress Report for the Scottish Parliament [Environment]

HECA Report to cover the progress of Local Authorities for the period Apr 2001 - Mar 2003

Wednesday 23/02/2005

National Standards for Victims of Crime [Law, Order and Public Safety]

Sets out the minimum standards of service that victims of crime should receive from all criminal justice agencies and the children's hearing system.

Renewing Local Democracy: Report of The Councillors' Remuneration Progress Group [Government]

Report of the working group established by Ministers to consider aspects of a remuneration, pension and one-off severance scheme for councillors

Renewing Local Democracy: Report of The Widening Access To Council Membership Progress Group [Government]

Report from working group established by Ministers to consdier aspects of encouraging a wider section of the community to consider standing for election to local authorities

Tuesday 22/02/2005

Circular CCD8/2004 Guidance on Care Management in Community Care [Health and Community Care]

This circular provides local authorities and NHS Boards with guidance on refocusing and reinvigorating care management. For further information contact

Exclusions from Schools, 2003/04 [Statistics]

Information on the number of exclusions, reasons for exclusion, pupils being excluded, etc.

Helping You Get a Handle on the Equality and Diversity Impact Assessment Toolkit [Health and Community Care]

A leaflet providing an overview to the Equality and Diversity Impact Assessment toolkit and provides an insight into its use and content.

Maintaining Houses - Preserving Homes: A Report on Responses to the Consultation - Research Findings [Research]

This report analyses responses to the housing consultation 'Maintaining Houses - Preserving Homes'.

Statistics Release: Operation Of The Homeless Persons Legislation In Scotland: Quarters Ending 30 June And 30 September 2004, And Snapshot Data On Households In Temporary Accommodation At 30 June, 30 September And 31 December 2004 [Statistics]

Applications to Local Authorities during April to September 2004 with temporary figures as at December 31 2004

Monday 21/02/2005

Scottish Neighbourhood Statistics Guide

Guide to the Scottish Neighbourhood Statistics Project

Chief Nursing Officer [Health and Community Care]

Biography of Chief Nursing Officer

Friday 18/02/2005

Economists [Economy]

Economists Recruitment Flyer

Circular CCD 15/2004: National Minimum Information Standards for Older People

The new information standards are focused on the practical requirements for information sharing at a local level.

Scottish Neighbourhood Statistics: Intermediate Geography Background Information [Statistics]

Last year we introduced the new statistical geography called data zones, this geography has now been supplemented with a new intermediate geography.

Showing: 1341 to 1360 of 1590