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Annual Listing of Publications

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Friday 24/02/2006

Efficient Government Fund EGF)1)2)053 Lanarkshire Multi Agency First Stop Shop [Government]

STATUS - UNSUCCESSFUL - To develop the optimum model for a Multi Agency First Stop Shop, including back office support, which would be transferable to all Authority areas

Efficient Government Fund EGF)1)2)055 Western Isles collaborate and share support services [Government]

STATUS - UNSUCCESSFUL - To investigate the potential ways in which public sector organisations in the Western Isles can collaborate and share support services to improve the efficiency and quality of delivery of public services.

Monday 13/02/2006

Quality Meat Scotland Framework Document [Agriculture]

Quality Meat Scotland Framework Document consisting of Management Statement and Financial Memorandum

Monday 23/01/2006

Efficient Government Fund EGF)1)1)022 RSAMD new building [Government]

STATUS - UNSUCCESSFUL - To provide shared facilities to meet the needs of the national arts bodies in terms of rehearsal, small scale and innovative performance, and share support services.

Efficient Government Fund EGF)1)1)026 Fife Wireless Mobile Technology Partnership [Government]

STATUS - UNSUCCESSFUL - To extend and enhance the existing use of wireless/mobile technology across a number of services within the Council and in partnership with Fife NHS.

Efficient Government Fund EGF)1)1)028 Scottish Library Procurement [Government]

STATUS - UNSUCCESSFUL - To establish a national procurement framework library resources across all sectors.

Efficient Government Fund EGF)1)1)029 NHS Facilities Management Performance Management [Government]

STATUS - UNSUCCESSFUL - To develop a universal performance management system for key support services.

Efficient Government Fund EGF)1)1)030 NHS Property Construction Procurement [Government]

STATUS - UNSUCCESSFUL - The project aims to significantly reduce the consultancy and construction cost of the NHSScotland capital investment programme by enhancement of the procurement process.

Efficient Government Fund EGF)1)1)031 NHS Property Manager [Government]

STATUS - UNSUCCESSFUL - To create a service led, risk and benefit based strategic platform to support effective strategic and operational property management.

Efficient Government Fund EGF)1)1)032 National GIS for Health [Government]

STATUS - UNSUCCESSFUL - To introduce GIS as a new and efficient way of working.

Efficient Government Fund EGF)1)1)033 Shared payroll East and West Dunbartonshire [Government]

STATUS - UNSUCCESSFUL - To establish a scalable common payroll service between East and West Dunbartonshire.

Efficient Government Fund EGF)1)1)035 Procurement across FE sector [Government]

STATUS - UNSUCCESSFUL - To provide a collaborative procurement approach and purchasing regime across the FE sector.

Efficient Government Fund EGF)1)1)036 Aberdeen Procurement [Government]

STATUS - UNSUCCESSFUL - The implementation of a common e-procurement system would enhance the existing joint purchasing operation between Aberdeen City and Aberdeenshire Council.

Efficient Government Fund EGF)1)1)037 Aberdeen ICT Infrastructure [Government]

STATUS - UNSUCCESSFUL - To create an ICT shared service centre which will standardise and bring together the delivery of agreed core IT and Communication services to participating public sector organisations in Grampian.

Efficient Government Fund EGF)1)1)038 North East Scotland Data Sharing [Government]

STATUS - UNSUCCESSFUL - To develop a tool for Community planning policy planners, which enables the partnership to access an approved database of current information datasets.

Efficient Government Fund EGF)1)1)045 e-Invoicing [Government]

STATUS - WITHDRAWN - To reduce the administrative costs of manually processing paper invoices through eliminating duplicate data entry and manual keying across the Scottish Executive, Executive Agencies and Non Department Public Bodies and associated bodies which use Oracle 11i (Scottish Executive Accounting System - SEAS).

Efficient Government Fund EGF)1)2)047 Strathclyde Single, Multi Agency, Water Rescue Training Centre [Government]

STATUS - UNSUCCESSFUL - Provision of a single, multi-agency water rescue/training centre.

Efficient Government Fund EGF)1)2)048 Increased Collaboration between Community Planning Partners in Dumfries and Galloway [Government]

STATUS - UNSUCCESSFUL - Increased collaboration in respect of the procurement, supply, operation, maintenance and disposal of fleet.

Efficient Government Fund EGF)1)2)050 NHS Care Services Knowledge Management [Government]

STATUS - UNSUCCESSFUL - To develop knowledge management technology and staff skills to support integrated care services for children; older people; physical disabilities; mental health; learning disabilities.

Efficient Government Fund EGF)1)2)054 Lanarkshire Text Messaging to Home Carers [Government]

STATUS - UNSUCCESSFUL - To implement an SMS text Messaging System to provide the ability to communicate instantly with individual staff through mobile telephone messaging.

Showing: 21 to 40 of 1590