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Scottish Crime and Victimisation Survey: Calibration Exercise: A Comparison of Survey Methodologies

DescriptionSCVS: Calibration Exercise Report
Official Print Publication Date
Website Publication DateDecember 23, 2005


Research report for The Scottish Executive
Steven Hope, MORI Scotland
ISBN 0 7559 1299 3 (Web only publication)
This document is also available in pdf format (392k)



1. Introduction

2. An overview of the surveys
2.1 The face-to-face survey
2.2 The telephone survey
2.3 Survey administration

3. Sample coverage and response rates
3.1 Sampling frames
3.2 Mobile telephone and mobile-only households
3.3 Telephone Preference Service
3.4 Survey response rates
3.5 Comparing response to the telephone and face-to-face surveys
3.6 Conclusion

4. Evidence of bias
4.2 Attitudinal differences in the surveys
4.3 Conclusion

5. Victimisation
5.1 How victimisation is recorded
5.2 Victimisation in the surveys
5.3 Recorded crime
5.4 Other factors affecting victimisation in the telephone survey
5.5 Conclusion

6. Conclusions

7. References

Appendix 1 - Estimating e

Appendix 2 - Corrective weighting
Demographic weighting
Weighting to correct for bias in victimisation

End Tables
Table 2 - Household Correction
Table 3 - Adult Correction
Table 4 - Weighting outcomes
Table 5 - impact of weighting on victimisation rates