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DescriptionA leaflet explaining the role and responsibilities of Transport Scotland the new national transport agency which will start work from January 2006.
Official Print Publication Date
Website Publication DateNovember 29, 2005


    Investing in transport to grow the economy
    Creating a centre of excellence
    with the right professional skills
    Focusing on the delivery of daily transport services and future improvements

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    Transport Scotland is the new national transport agency for Scotland.

    We are an Executive agency accountable to Scottish Ministers. This is a tried and tested model of delivering government services to the public in the most direct and efficient way.

    We will be responsible for driving delivery of the Scottish Executive's £3 billion capital investment programme of transport improvements to 2010 and beyond and supporting delivery of the Executive's vision for sustainable transport in Scotland, making a real difference for people and businesses using the national rail and road systems.

    "Our purpose is to support delivery of the Scottish Executive's vision for sustainable transport in Scotland, making a real difference for people and businesses using the national rail and road systems. We are working closely with the transport industry and other stakeholders to make this happen."

    Malcolm Reed, Chief Executive


    • Ensuring that Scotland's trunk road and railway systems are managed efficiently, effectively and economically
    • Establishing and running the national concessionary travel schemes
    • Delivering the Scottish Executive's committed programme of enhancements to Scotland's rail and trunk road infrastructure
    • Helping to build Scotland's National Transport Strategy by setting investment priorities for tomorrow's rail and trunk road networks
    • Strive towards excellence by building our corporate values into everything we deliver, and into how we work as an organisation


    Transport Scotland will play a key part in improving and expanding Scotland's public transport infrastructure and in promoting transport integration.

    We are responsible for the rail and trunk road networks and will oversee their operation and management. We will support delivery of the programme of current and future major transport infrastructure projects for road and rail.

    We are also responsible for establishing and running the new Scotland-wide free bus scheme for older and disabled people from spring 2006 and the future concessionary travel scheme for young people.

    We will oversee the provision of impartial travel information services and support the increased provision of integrated tickets.


    Strategy and Investment

    Responsibilities include:

    • acting as the centre of excellence in transport project appraisal and analysis
    • setting rail, public transport and trunk road policy within the strategic priorities laid out by Scottish Ministers and the National Transport Strategy
    • with others, setting the future direction for rail in Scotland
    • leading the dialogue with the Office of Rail Regulation
    • taking a strategic overview of the trunk roads programme over the next 10 years

    Rail Delivery and Performance

    Responsibilities include:

    • managing the franchise contract with First ScotRail
    • overseeing funding to Network Rail so it can maintain the capability and capacity of the rail network in Scotland
    • overseeing a programme of improvements to the rail network
    • overseeing the delivery of the Scottish Executive's Public Transport Major Projects programme

    Trunk Roads Infrastructure and Professional Services ( TRIPS)

    Responsibilities include:

    • delivering improvements to the trunk road network which meet today's needs and future challenges
    • planning, design development, acquiring land, procurement and construction for a programme of trunk road projects

    Trunk Road Network Management

    Responsibilities include:

    • operating Scotland's trunk road network
    • managing network maintenance contracts
    • identifying accident black-spots on the network and targeting them with a range of measures
    • managing Traffic Scotland (formerly NADICS) - the real time road information service

    Finance and Corporate Services

    Responsibilities include:

    • preparing the corporate plan which sets out high level business aims, objectives and targets
    • co-ordinating the production of the annual business plan and setting relevant annual targets
    • monitoring the overall efficiency of Transport Scotland through regular review of business systems and process planning and performance
    • managing the national concessionary fare schemes
    • providing Transport Scotland's information technology, Human Resource, legal, communication, internal audit and secretariat services


    From spring 2006, Transport Scotland's headquarters will be:

    Buchanan House

    To contact us please e-mail: info@transportscotland.gsi.gov.uk
    or telephone 0141 272 7100