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Delivering for Health

DescriptionThe programme set out in this document describes in practical terms what action we will take to turn our vision of the health service into reality. It builds on the National Framework for Service Chnage to provide a template for the future NHS Scotland.
Official Print Publication Date
Website Publication DateNovember 02, 2005


ISBN 0 7559 4835 1
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"Our vision for the NHS is to reapply its founding principles with vigour to meet the needs of the people of Scotland. Delivering for Health means a fundamental shift in how we work, tackling the causes of ill-health and providing care which is quicker, more personal and closer to home."


Executive summary
Key actions
1. Where we are now
2. Making improvement happen
2.1 An NHS as local as possible
2.2 Systematic help for people with long-term conditions
2.3 Reducing the inequalities gap
2.4 Actively managing hospital admissions
3. An integrated NHS for the whole of Scotland
3.1 eHealth strategy
3.2 Hospital services: planned and unscheduled care
3.3 Hospital services: as specialised as necessary
3.4 Rural health services
3.5 Mental health services
3.6 Child health services
3.7 Neurosurgery and neuroscience
3.8 Service change and the NHS workforce
4. Delivering better services
A. Timelines for action
B. List of acronyms used in the document
C. Bibliography