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supporting children’s learning: code of practice

DescriptionStatutory Guidance relating to the Education (Additional Support for Learning) (Scotland) Act 2004.
Official Print Publication Date
Website Publication DateAugust 25, 2005


ISBN 0 7559 4624 3

This document is also available in pdf format (528k)


ministerial foreword



chapter 1: summary of Additional Support for Learning Act
functions and duties of education authorities
appropriate agencies
rights of parents and young people

chapter 2: additional support needs
legal definition of additional support needs and additional support
benefit from school education
what is meant by additional support?
what gives rise to additional support needs?

chapter 3: meeting additional support needs
values and principles of assessment and intervention
inter-agency co-operation
duties on appropriate agencies
assessment and intervention
children and young people for whom the education authority are responsible
children and young people for whom the education authority are not responsible
making provision
planning: educational plans
planning: agencies outwith education
monitoring and review

chapter 4: co-ordinated support plan
applying the criteria for a co-ordinated support plan
seeking and taking account of views and providing information
requesting an assessment
preparing a co-ordinated support plan
what does a co-ordinated support plan contain?
role of co-ordinator
review of co-ordinated support plan
custody, transfer, disclosure, discontinuance, preservation and destruction of the co-ordinated support plan

chapter 5: transitions
planning for changes in school education
preparing for adulthood
monitoring and review

chapter 6: working with children and families
views of children and young people
good practice for communicating with children and young people
supporting parents
supporters and advocacy
good practice in communication with parents

chapter 7: resolving disagreements
resolving disputes by independent adjudication
additional support needs tribunal
further recourse
good practice

chapter 8: general provisions
placing requests
references and appeals
publishing information
requests under the Act

annex a: links to other legislation, policies and guidance

annex b: co-ordinated support plan template

annex c: features of mediation

annex d: placing request routes