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Tolled Bridges Review: Phase Two Consultation Responses

DescriptionResponses to the Tolled Bridges Review Phase Two Consultation Paper.
Official Print Publication Date
Website Publication DateAugust 12, 2005


    The Scottish Executive would like to thank all those who responded to the Tolled Bridges Review Phase Two consultation. The consultation was launched on 8 April 2005 and ran until 8 July 2005, although responses received up to 25 July 2005 have been included in the consultation analysis. Sixty-three responses were received before 25 July 2005. Respondents have been classified as either individual or organisation. The organisation category includes business sector bodies, Local Authorities and local Councillors, MSPs, other public bodies, lobby groups, representative bodies, research bodies, and transport providers.

    Responses available here are those which are NON-CONFIDENTIAL. Sixty-one responses fall into this category.

    CONFIDENTIAL responses have been retained by the Department and are not available for publication. Two responses fall into this category. Confidential responses include those where respondents

    - have asked for their responses not to be published
    - have not completed the form giving permission for them to be published
    - have not provided a postal address.

    All responses, including confidential ones, will be considered in the final analysis of the consultation.

    Anonymous Response
    Mr Martin Gallagher Response
    Mr Gerald Cooper Response

    Mr Lyndsey Craik Response
    West of Scotland Transport Partnership Response
    Mr Peter Handley Response
    Anonymous Response
    Mr Paul Maitland Response
    Anonymous Response
    Councillor Jane Ann Liston Response
    Mr Gilbert Forbes Response
    Mr Steve Beaton Response
    Mr Ronald Beasley Response
    Tay Bridge Joint Bridge Response
    Stagecoach East Scotland Response
    West Lothian Council Response
    Renfrewshire Council Response
    Mr Donald MacKintosh Response
    Scottish Environmental Protection Agency Response
    RAC Foundation Response
    Mr R Heyworth Response
    Mobility and Access Committee for Scotland Response
    Forth Estuary Transport Authority Response
    Trish Godman MSP Response
    Des McNulty MSP Response
    South East Scotland Transport Partnership Response
    Association of Chief Police Officers Scotland Response
    Association of Transport Co-Ordinating Officers Response
    Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport Response
    Fife Council Response
    Automobile Association Response
    Freight Transport Association Response
    National Alliance Against Tolls Response
    Transport Research Institute Response
    Society of Chief Officers of Transportation Response
    Strathclyde Passenger Transport Response
    Greater Glasgow NHS Board Response
    Dundee City Council Response
    Transport Initiatives Edinburgh (Tie) Response
    The City of Edinburgh Council Response
    Mr Alastair Graham Response
    The Road Haulage Association Response
    CBI Scotland Response
    RAC plc Response
    Federation of Small Businesses Response
    Dunbartonshire Chamber of Commerce Response
    Mrs Elizabeth MacKerral Response
    Inverclyde Council Response
    Jackie Baillie MSP Response
    Civil Engineering Contractors Association Response
    Falkirk Council Response
    Confederation of Passenger Transport Response
    Cllr Tim Brett Response
    Scottish Council for Development and Industry Response
    Angus Council Response
    Argyll and Bute Council Response
    Tayside Fire and Rescue
    Institute of Civil Engineers Response
    Lynda Dobinson Response
    Glasgow City Council Response
    Scottish Association for Public Transport Response