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Thursday 20/04/2006

Efficient Government Fund EGF)1)1)044 Tayside Tax Collection Point [Government]

STATUS - INVITED TO SUBMIT STAGE 2 BID - This project is to increase collection levels of Council Tax in respect of current year and previous years arrears.

Thursday 16/03/2006

Efficient Government Fund EGF)1)1)004 Emergency Services Fleet Collaboration [Government]

STATUS - INVITED TO SUBMIT STAGE 2 BID - Project aims to increase collaboration between the three emergency services in respect of the procurement, supply, operation, maintenance and disposal of vehicle fleet and associated equipment.

Wednesday 01/03/2006

Efficient Government Fund EGF)1)2)058 Accurate Data Management [Government]

STATUS - UNSUCCESSFUL - To harness existing web based technologies bringing data closer to the individuals the data represents, providing secure individual access to individual data, in order to facilitate electronic data transfer and data sharing.

Efficient Government Fund EGF)1)2)059 Scottish College Course Information [Government]

STATUS - WITHDRAWN - Common information will be stored and shared in a standard format thus reducing costs whilst improving the quality of the service to the prospective learners

Tuesday 28/02/2006

Efficient Government Fund EGF)1)2)060 Strathclyde Performance Management [Government]

STATUS - UNSUCCESSFUL - To develop and deliver a vehicle to implement effective performance management within and across organisations.

Efficient Government Fund EGF)1)2)061 Updating of Countermand Systems [Government]

STATUS - UNSUCCESSFUL - To reduce the number of postal countermands issued by the Procurator Fiscal Service, as well as reducing the requirement for police process servers and police officers to be involved in delivering non-postal countermands to civilian witnesses in summary cases.

Friday 24/02/2006

Efficient Government Fund EGF)1)1)039 Grampian Child Protection [Government]

STATUS - UNSUCCESSFUL - To implement a system for dealing with child protection enquiries through inter agency working to negate shortcomings highlighted in recent child death enquiries.

Efficient Government Fund EGF)1)1)040 Aberdeen Customer Relationship Management [Government]

STATUS - UNSUCCESSFUL - The establishment of a contact centre to handle a range of communication channels with the development of local access points, allowing customers face-to-face access to the services of all partners.

Efficient Government Fund EGF)1)1)041 North East Scotland Shared Finance [Government]

STATUS - UNSUCCESSFUL - To provide financial services across the 3 Councils in the North East incl. A single system for council tax, non domestic rates and benefits, administration, single financial ledger system, single internal audit services, single debt collection services.

Efficient Government Fund EGF)1)1)042 Grampian Fleet Procurement [Government]

STATUS - UNSUCCESSFUL - To rationalize the processes of fleet management procurement across the partnership areas in order to maximize purchasing power, whilst minimizing administration costs and reducing bureaucracy.

Efficient Government Fund EGF)1)1)043 Aberdeen Shared HR [Government]

STATUS - UNSUCCESSFUL - To achieve effective, efficient and economic benefits across Personnel Services in the areas of training and development, recruitment and selection and occupational Health Provision.

Efficient Government Fund EGF)1)1)046 Clyde Valley Workforce Training [Government]

STATUS - UNSUCCESSFUL - To produce better outputs with better input in workforce training within Clyde Valley authorities.

Efficient Government Fund EGF)1)2)049 Grampian Equipment and Adaptation Service [Government]

STATUS - UNSUCCESSFUL - To create a "Grampian Equipment and Adaptation Service".

Efficient Government Fund EGF)1)2)051 Western Isles Remote Working [Government]

STATUS - UNSUCCESSFUL - To provide an efficient and novel method of remote working specifically for Social Work and Health Board staff in an isolated rural location.

Efficient Government Fund EGF)1)2)053 Lanarkshire Multi Agency First Stop Shop [Government]

STATUS - UNSUCCESSFUL - To develop the optimum model for a Multi Agency First Stop Shop, including back office support, which would be transferable to all Authority areas

Efficient Government Fund EGF)1)2)055 Western Isles collaborate and share support services [Government]

STATUS - UNSUCCESSFUL - To investigate the potential ways in which public sector organisations in the Western Isles can collaborate and share support services to improve the efficiency and quality of delivery of public services.

Monday 23/01/2006

Efficient Government Fund EGF)1)1)022 RSAMD new building [Government]

STATUS - UNSUCCESSFUL - To provide shared facilities to meet the needs of the national arts bodies in terms of rehearsal, small scale and innovative performance, and share support services.

Efficient Government Fund EGF)1)1)026 Fife Wireless Mobile Technology Partnership [Government]

STATUS - UNSUCCESSFUL - To extend and enhance the existing use of wireless/mobile technology across a number of services within the Council and in partnership with Fife NHS.

Efficient Government Fund EGF)1)1)028 Scottish Library Procurement [Government]

STATUS - UNSUCCESSFUL - To establish a national procurement framework library resources across all sectors.

Efficient Government Fund EGF)1)1)029 NHS Facilities Management Performance Management [Government]

STATUS - UNSUCCESSFUL - To develop a universal performance management system for key support services.

Showing: 1 to 20 of 236