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Modernising the Planning System

DescriptionThe White Paper sets out the way forward for Scotland's planning system. It recognises the central role of planning in the delivery of a sustainable pattern of economic growth, supported by essential new homes, infrastructure and community facilities, whilst protecting our most important natural assets. It also responds to the need for improved opportunities for meaningful public involvement in the planning system.
ISBN0755 94644 8
Official Print Publication Date
Website Publication DateJune 29, 2005


ISBN 0 7559 4644 8

This document is also available in pdf format (1085k)


01: Foreword by First Minister and Deputy First Minister

02: Minister for Communities' Introduction

03: Executive Summary

04: Planning in a Modern, Devolved Scotland
4.1: Why Modernise
4.2 : Unlocking Planning's Potential
4.3 : Purpose of Modernisation

05: Our Proposals
5.1: Making the Planning System Fit for Purpose
5.2: Efficiency
5.3: Widening Inclusion

06: Sustainable Development

07: Financial Impacts

08: Supporting Planning Authorities

09: Next Steps
9.1: The Planning Bill
9.2: Non-legislative reform

10: Appendices

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29 June 2005

Dear Sir/Madam


Please find enclosed a copy of the Scottish Executive White Paper: Modernising the Planning System. Copies have been distributed to individuals and organisations with an interest in planning, and to all members of the public who responded to any of the recent consultations on planning issues.

The White Paper sets out a package of measures to realise the Scottish Executive's aim of modernising the planning system. It is our intention to introduce a planning Bill to implement the proposals that require legislative change during this current parliamentary session.

Many of the proposals contained in the White Paper have been the subject of extensive public consultations, which have informed Ministers' consideration of the issues. Nevertheless, we would welcome any comments you might wish to make on the practical implications of the proposals. Comments should be addressed to:

Planning Modernisation Team
Planning Division
2-H Bridge
Scottish Executive
Victoria Quay
Edinburgh EH6 6QQ

Telephone enquiries: 0131 244 7060
E-mails should be sent to PlanningModernisation@scotland.gsi.gov.uk.

We would appreciate receiving any comments by 16 September. A report of the comments received by this date will be published in due course by the Executive. In addition, a digest of comments received will be made available on the Scottish Executive website. In order to confirm

your permission to publish any comments you may have, we would be grateful if any submission you make could be accompanied by the enclosed Respondent Information Form.

Yours faithfully


Chief Planner


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