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Draft Animal Health and Welfare (Scotland) Bill Consultation


Animal Health and Welfare (Scotland) Bill

ISBN 0 7559 2555 6

This document is also available in pdf format (362k)



Part 1
Powers of slaughter

1 Slaughter for preventing spread of disease
2 Slaughter of treated animals

Prevention of the spread of disease

3 Biosecurity codes
4 Animal gatherings
5 Tests and samples
6 Treatment
7 Specified diseases
8 Seizure and disposal of carcases etc.

Deliberate infection of animals

9 Deliberate infection of animals

Particular provision for TSE

10 Livestock genotypes: identification, breeding and slaughter

Powers of entry etc.

11 Powers of entry etc.
12 Inspection of vehicles

Offences: penalties and time limits

13 Offences: penalties and time limits

Part 2


14 Animals to which this Part applies
15 Protected animals
16 Responsibility for animals

Prevention of harm

17 Unnecessary suffering
18 Mutilation
19 Cruel operations
20 Administration of poisons etc.
21 Animal fights

Promotion of welfare

22 Ensuring welfare of animals
23 Provision for ensuring welfare
24 Licensing etc. of activities involving animals
25 Prohibition on keeping certain animals
26 Abandonment
27 Sale of animals to children
28 Giving animals as prizes

Animals in distress

29 Taking possession of animals
30 Order for release of animals taken
31 Other orders relating to animals taken
32 Resort to destruction of animals

Welfare bodies and codes

33 Animal welfare bodies
34 Animal welfare codes

Post-conviction orders

35 Deprivation orders
36 Destruction orders
37 Disqualification orders
38 Breach of disqualification: seizure orders
39 Termination of disqualification
40 Appeals against orders

Offences and penalties

41 Proceedings
42 Bodies corporate etc.
43 Penalties

Exclusions from application of this Part

44 Exception for scientific research
45 Exception for fishing


46 Inspectors etc.
47 Premises
48 Powers of authorised persons
49 Regulations

Part 3

50 Amendment of enactments
51 Ancillary provision
52 Commencement and short title


Schedule 1 -Powers of authorised persons for Part 2

Schedule 2 -Amendment of enactments