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PAN 44: Fitting New Housing Development into the Landscape: contents page

DescriptionThe advice offers suggestions to help planners, developers and local coommunities achieve residential developments which are in harmony with their landscape setting.
Official Print Publication Date
Website Publication DateApril 12, 2005


PAN 44: Fitting New Housing Development into the Landscape

ISSN 0I41-514X
ISBN 0 7480 0875 6

March 1994

planning series:
  • National Planning Policy Guidelines (NPPGs) provide statements of Government policy on nationally important land use and other planning matters, supported where appropriate by a locational framework.
  • Circulars, which also provide statements of Government policy, contain guidance on policy implementation through legislative or procedural change.
  • Planning Advice Notes (PANs) provide advice on good practice and other relevant information.

Statements of Government policy contained in NPPGs and Circulars may, so far as relevant, be material considerations to be taken into account in development plan preparation and development control.

The policy framework
The need for advice on landscape fit
Action in plans and development control
Annex : The consultants' manual