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Support in School - The Views of Harder to Reach Groups

DescriptionResearch into the views of pupils and parents who are often overlooked in traditional approaches to research, describing their views on how they receive support in school.
Official Print Publication Date
Website Publication DateFebruary 17, 2005



Additional consultation exercise gathering the views of young people, parents/carers who are 'harder to reach' and agencies which advocate on their behalf.
On behalf of Pupil Support and Inclusion, Scottish Executive Education Department.
By The TASC Agency and Caskie.Co - January 2004

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1 Introduction to the study
2 Scope of the consultation and the approach taken
2.1 Timescale
2.2 About the approach: qualitative research and the voice of the child
2.3 Who participated
2.4 Geographical Spread
3 Views on the strengths of current practice
3.1. Behaviour Support
3.2 Learning Support
3.3 Links between home and school
3.4 Young people with disabilities
3.5 Careers Advice
3.6 Course choices
3.7 PSE
3.8 Individuals and specific strategies that provide support
4 Views on weaknesses of current practice
4.1 Behaviour support
4.2 Learning Support
4.3 Links between home and school/views of family background
4.4 Young people with disabilities in mainstream settings
4.5 Course choices and options of learning outside school
4.6 PSE
4.7 Specialist resources, getting help when it's needed, including at points of choice and transition
4.8 Bullying and Racism
4.9 Schooling away from home
4.10 Teacher attitudes and behaviour
4.11 Pressures on Guidance staff and the need for training
4.12 Confidentiality
5 Views on agencies working together
5.1 Why agencies should collaborate?
5.2 Links between pastoral care, learning support and behavioural support
5.3 Terms of reference
5.4 Information sharing and confidentiality
5.5 Young people's experiences of interagency meetings and forums
5.6 Working together for prevention
5.7 Clarifying who's who and what they do
6 What support should be provided to young people in school?
6.1 Young people's views
6.2 Parents/Carers views
6.3 Agency views
7 Who should provide support to young people in school
7.1 Young people's views
7.2 Parents/Carers views
7.3 Agency views
8 Key issues and Conclusions
8.1 Key issues arising form the consultation with young people
8.2 Key issues arising form the consultation with parents/carers
8.3 Key issues arising form the consultation with agencies
8.4 Conclusion
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The views expressed in this report are those of contributors to the study and the authors and do not necessarily reflect the views of SEED or Ministers.

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