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21st Century Social Work Review

DescriptionThe document is a brief description of the 21st Century Social Work Review. It also asks for interested parties to contribute to the Review and tells them how to contribute.
Official Print Publication Date
Website Publication DateFebruary 14, 2005


    21st Century Social Work Review

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    In June 2004, Scottish Ministers initiated a fundamental review of social work in light of the increasing complexity and demand for services and as well as repeated messages arising from case reviews.

    "What is driving this process is an absolute determination to change lives for the better. We are determined to make sure modern Scotland has social work services of the highest quality. That means a fundamental look. That means we will rule nothing in and nothing out."

    Euan Robson, Deputy Minister for Education and Young People

    This leaflet is for anyone with an interest in Social Work Services. It tells you how you can make your views known and help shape the future.

    Aims of the Review

    The Review's main aims are to make best use of valuable social work resources and to strengthen the contribution of social work to the delivery of integrated services.

    Key objectives are to

    • clarify the role and purpose of social work
    • build a strong improvement framework and robust inspection regime
    • make best use of valuable social work resources
    • strengthen leadership and management, giving clear direction to the service
    • develop a competent confident work force
    • modernise legislation.

    The Review Group chaired by William Roe has wide representation from stakeholders and is supported by a review team including four social work advisors. There are also a number of sub groups supporting the work of the main group and addressing specific aspects of the Review.

    The Review has begun by looking at what Social Workers do now and their interaction with other social service workers and other professionals. It will then go on to look at what we need of Social Work Services in the future.

    Role of the Social Worker

    An early priority for the Review Group is to examine the role of the social worker which will be fundamental in informing other parts of the Review process.

    As part of its consultation process, the Review Group is keen to promote discussion and encourage contributions on the following questions:

    1. What do you see as the role of the social worker?

    2. How would you like to see the role in 20 years time?

    3. What needs to change in order to achieve that?

    4. What are the barriers and enablers to change?

    5. What are the three most important things you think the review should address?

    6. Are there any examples of good practice in social work that you would like to share?

    How you can contribute.

    All contributions are welcome, whether from individuals, groups or organisations.

    More detailed questions are available on the 21st Century Social Work Review's website at www.21csocialwork.org.ukwhich also gives full details of the work of the Review as well as all background papers, Ministerial speeches and presentations.

    If you would like more information or have a contribution to make to the Review please contact us at: www.21csocialwork.org.uk

    or by e-mail: 21csocialworkreview@scotland.gsi.gov.uk

    or write to us at:

    21st Century Social Work Review
    Scottish Executive
    1-F South
    Victoria Quay
    EH6 6QQ