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Strategic Research for SEERAD

DescriptionResearch strategy for SEERAD 2005-2010 Environment, Biology and Agriculture
Official Print Publication Date
Website Publication DateJanuary 13, 2005


Strategic Research for SEERAD

Environment, Biology and Agriculture

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Context and Strategy Review
Objective 1 - Relevant Research
Objective 2 - Knowledge Transfer and Exploitation
Objective 3 - Sustainability of the SEERAD Research Base
Annex 1 - Summary of Action Points; Targets, Timetable and Success Indicators
Annex 2 - Programmes of Research and Commissioning Process
Cross-Cutting Themes
Programme 1: Profitable and Sustainable Agriculture - Plants
Programme 2: Profitable and Sustainable Agriculture - Animals
Programme 3: Environment - Land Use and Rural Stewardship
Programme 4: Impacts on Human Health
Programme Commissioning Scheme - Outline Process
Annex 3 - International Plant Biodiversity
Annex 4 - Main Research Providers
Annex 5 - Glossary