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A Strategy for Scotland's Coast and Inshore Waters

DescriptionTo gather responses to the Scottish Coastal Forum's recent publication "A Strategy For Scotland's Coast and Inshore Waters," and take forward ICZM.
Official Print Publication Date
Website Publication DateSeptember 29, 2004



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    Environment Group

    Countryside & Natural Heritage Division
    Victoria Quay
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    29 th September 2004


    The Scottish Coastal Forum (SCF) was set up in 1996 to advise Ministers on policy issues relating to the coast. In 2000 the Forum identified a need for a national strategy for the management of the Scottish coast. Since then it has been working to develop such a strategy, adopting an inclusive approach that provided the opportunity for input from all major stakeholders. The outcome of this exercise is the enclosed "Strategy for Scotland's Coast and Inshore Waters" that the Forum presented to Ministers in July of this year, http://www.scotland.gov.uk/library5/environment/ssciw-00.asp .

    The Scottish Executive welcomes this document as a further contribution to the current debate on the management of Scotland's marine and coastal resource. It is giving wide circulation to the Strategy and would welcome comments on the SCF's proposals contained within it. The Executive is interested in views on the Strategy as a whole, or on particular aspects of the proposals.

    The Scottish Executive will make all responses available to the public in the Scottish Executive Library once the consultation has closed, unless confidentiality is requested, and at the same time a report on the consultation will be placed on the Scottish Executive consultation web pages. All responses not marked confidential will be checked for any potentially defamatory material before being logged in the library or placed on the website.

    Your comments should be sent by 17 December 2004 to:

    Malcolm Duce
    The Scottish Executive
    Mail Point 14
    Victoria Quay
    EH6 6QQ

    Or Malcolm.duce@scotland.gsi.gov.uk Copies of the Strategy can be obtained at this address.

    Yours faithfully

    Manson Wright

    Respondee Form

    C. The Scottish Executive Consultation Process

    Consultation is an essential and important aspect of Scottish Executive working methods. Given the wide-ranging areas of work of the Scottish Executive, there are many varied types of consultation. However, in general Scottish Executive consultation exercises aim to provide opportunities for all those who wish to express their opinions on a proposed area of work to do so in ways which will inform and enhance that work.

    While details of particular circumstances described in a response to a consultation exercise may usefully inform the policy process, consultation exercises cannot address individual concerns and comments, which should be directed to the relevant public body. Consultation exercises may involve seeking views in a number of different ways, such as public meetings, focus groups or questionnaire exercises.

    Typically, Scottish Executive consultations involve a written paper inviting answers to specific questions or more general views about the material presented. Written papers are distributed to organisations and individuals with an interest in the area of consultation, and they are also placed on the Scottish Executive web site enabling a wider audience to access the paper and submit their responses 1. Copies of all the responses received to consultation exercises (except those where the individual or organisation requested confidentiality) are placed in the Scottish Executive library at Saughton House, Edinburgh (K Spur, Saughton House, Broomhouse Drive, Edinburgh, EH11 3XD, telephone 0131 244 4552).

    The views and suggestions detailed in consultation responses are analysed and used as part of the decision making process. Depending on the nature of the consultation exercise the responses received may:

    indicate the need for policy development or review
    inform the development of a particular policy
    help decisions to be made between alternative policy proposals
    be used to finalise legislation before it is implemented

    If you have any comment about how this consultation exercise has been conducted, please send them to the contact details above.

    1. www.scotland.gov.uk