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Circular 4/2004 Houses in Multiple Occupation: Guidance on the interface between planning control and licensing

DescriptionProvides background on the licensing scheme for houses in multiple occupation (HMO) and guidance on the implications for development plan policies on HMO.
ISBN0 7559 2503 3
Official Print Publication Date
Website Publication DateSeptember 27, 2004


Scottish Planning Series PLANNING CIRCULAR 4 2004
Houses in Multiple Occupation: Guidance on the interface between planning control and licensing

September 2004

This document is also available in pdf format (168k)


Covering letter
This Circular contains the following main sections:
HMO Licensing Scheme
HMO Licensing and Planning Policies
Further Copies and Enquiries
Annex A

  • Scottish Planning Policies (SPPs) provide statements of Scottish Executive policy on nationally important land use and other planning matters, supported where appropriate by a locational framework.
  • Circulars, which also provide statements of Scottish Executive policy, contain guidance on policy implementation through legislative or procedural change.
  • Planning Advice Notes (PANs) provide advice on good practice and other relevant information.

Statements of Scottish Executive policy contained in SPPs and Circulars may be material considerations to be taken into account in development plan preparation and development control.

Existing National Planning Policy Guidelines (NPPGs) have continued relevance to decision making, until such time as they are replaced by a SPP. The term SPP should be interpreted as including NPPGs.

Statements of Scottish Executive location-specific planning policy, for example the West Edinburgh Planning Framework, have the same status in decision making as SPPs.

This Circular summarises the Scottish Ministers' understanding of the general effect of the relevant primary or secondary legislation although the summaries do not carry statutory authority in themselves and legal advice should always be taken in case of doubt.

ISSN 0141-514X
ISBN 0 7559 2503 3