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Wednesday 09/06/2004

Circular No JD/9/2004: Criminal Justice (Scotland) Act 2003: (Commencement No 4) Order 2004 [Law, Order and Public Safety]

Section 21 (9) and (10) Sexual and certain other offences commencing on 10 June 2004 and Section 75 - Reintroduction of police ranks commencing on 25 June 2004

Tuesday 08/06/2004

Programme for international student assessment 2000 — scotland analysis [Statistics]

Analysis of the PISA 2000 data for Scotland.

Monday 07/06/2004

Smoking in Public Places: A Consultation

A consultation to test public opinion on the need for legislation to restrict or prohibit smoking in public places and to allow individuals and organisations to suggest alternative approaches.

Smoking in Public Places: A Consultation - Online Form [Health and Community Care]

Online response form to a public consultation on smoking in public places

Friday 04/06/2004

Agriculture Facts and Figures

Agriculture Facts and Figures

Drug Misuse Research Programme 2004-2007 [Health and Community Care]

This document sets out the programme of drug misuse research that the Scottish Executive will support and fund over the next three years.

Thursday 03/06/2004

Agenda Information for Older People Issue 6 Spring/Summer 2004 [Health and Community Care]

Newsletter covering issues for older people

An Economic Assessment of the Costs and Benefits of Natura 2000 Sites in Scotland 2004 Final Report [Economy]

This study was commissioned to conduct a detailed assessment of the economic costs and benefits of the Scottish N2K sites. Such knowledge can improve the cost-effectiveness of managing these sites.

NHSScotland Dental Statistics - Information up to 31 March 2004 [Health and Community Care]

Update to NHSScotland Dental Statistics (Treatments, Fees, and Workforce) on Scottish Health on the Web (SHOW) - information up to 31st March 2004

Wednesday 02/06/2004

Consultation Exercise on the Contingency Plan for the Possible Emergence of Naturally Occuring BSE in Sheep

This contingency plan sets out the UK Government’s strategy for responding to a finding of naturally occurring BSE in sheep, and measures that might be taken

Draft Charities and Trustee Investment (Scotland) Bill: Consultation Paper

A draft bill and accompanying consultation paper which seek your views on reforming charity law in Scotland.

Draft Charities and Trustee Investment (Scotland) Bill [People and Society]

View the detailed provisions of the draft bill.

Looking After Children in Scotland: Good Parenting, Good Outcomes - Report on File Audit of Local Authorities' use of Looking After Children Materials [People and Society]

Report on File Audit of Local Authorities' use of Looking After Children Material

Tuesday 01/06/2004

Effective Interventions Unit Integrated Care Pathways Guide 5: Community Detoxification pathways [Health and Community Care]

This, the fifth ICP Guide, offers an outline pathway, providing information to inform consistent evidence based practice in the planning and delivery of community based drug detoxification.

Independent School Census, September 2003 [Statistics]

New publication. Includes pupil and teacher numbers.

Planning Circular 1 2004: The Town and Country Planning (Fees for Applications and Deemed Applications) (Scotland) Regulations 2004 [Planning]

Prescribes the fees for planning applications made on or after the 1 June 2004.

Showing: 81 to 96 of 96