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The Report of the Religious Observance Review Group

DescriptionGroup set up to review the current guidance on religious observance
Official Print Publication Date
Website Publication DateMay 13, 2004


The Report of the Religious Observance Review Group

This document is also available in pdf format (536k)

Why a review group?
the context
Provision of religious education and religious observance in primary and secondary schools (SOED Circular 6/91)
Educational developments
the consultative process
Review group meetings
Consultation paper
Website and mailbox
Focus group meetings
How the review group used the consultation feedback
The definition and aims of religious observance
The meaning of spiritual development in a school context
The extent to which there are shared values within our society
The appropriateness of the term 'religious observance'
The relationship between religious observance and religious and moral education
The frequency and quality of religious observance
Locations for religious observance
The role of chaplains in religious observance and organised acts of worship
Exemplar material and training
Diversity and flexibility of approach
religious observance in the twenty-first century
Appendix 1: Publications consulted
Appendix 2: Consultation paper
Appendix 3: Membership

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