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Rights of Appeal in Planning - A Consultation Paper


Rights of Appeal in Planning



Person or organisation who lodges an appeal to the Scottish Ministers against a decision made by a planning authority.


Person or organisation proposing development, who submits a planning application to the local authority.

Development Plan

Combination of Structure Plan and Local Plan, which between them guide the future development of their areas through a range of policies, proposals and allocation of land for particular development.

Environmental Impact Assessment

As assessment of a development proposal's likely significant environmental effects. This is required in defined circumstances, as set out in the Environmental Impact Assessment (Scotland) Regulations 1999. Further information is available in Scottish Executive Development Department Circular 15/1999.

Notification Direction

Planning authorities must notify the Scottish Ministers where they resolve to grant planning permission in certain circumstances, before permission is formally granted. This allows Ministers to consider whether to intervene in the case. The Notification Direction defines the particular circumstances in which this should be done and sets out the process to be followed. Further information is available in Scottish Office Development Department Circular 4/1997 (and subsequent amendments).

Partnership Agreement

A Partnership for a Better Scotland: Partnership Agreement. Published in May 2003, this sets out the principles which guide the Labour/Liberal Democrat coalition in developing and implementing policies for Scotland.

Planning Authority

The local council for an area or national park authority with the role of carrying out statutory planning functions.

Planning SystemThe statutory process which exists to guide the future development and use of land in Scotland, through a range of powers such as development planning, development consent systems, enforcement processes and other necessary checks and balances. Powers are set out in the Town and Country Planning (Scotland) Act 1997 and related legislation.

Scottish Ministers

The collective term for the members of the Scottish Executive comprising the First Minister, all other appointed Ministers, the Lord Advocate and the Solicitor General for Scotland. In planning, the use of the term 'Scottish Ministers' represents the role of the Scottish Executive in the planning system.

Third Party

Person or organisation, other than the applicant or the planning authority, who has an interest in or opinion on a particular development proposal.

Your Place, Your Plan

A white paper on public involvement in planning, published in March 2003. The paper set out the Scottish Executive's proposals to strengthen and enhance public involvement at all stages in the land use planning system, including the commitment to issue this consultation paper on new rights of appeal.