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Rights of Appeal in Planning - A Consultation Paper


Rights of Appeal in Planning


7.1 Whatever the opinion of any individual on the principle of widening the right of appeal in planning cases, it has to be recognised that there are strongly held and often polarised views on the subject which must be addressed. It is a complex matter with many related issues and potential implications. Any new right of appeal has to be reconciled with the Partnership Agreement commitment to speed up planning decisions and allow quicker investment decisions and with its statement that growing the economy is the top priority. The outcome of this consultation could lead to one of the most significant alterations to the land use planning system since the introduction of the modern system in 1947.

7.2 The issue cannot be taken lightly and decisions on the way ahead must be based on clear and reliable evidence. Please take the time to consider carefully the issues raised in this paper and respond accordingly. In particular, we would ask you to give us your views on all direct questions posed in the consultation paper and provide full reasoning for your answers. There may of course be other issues which you consider have been missed or not fully represented.


Please let us have any additional comments you wish to make, if any, on relevant matters not addressed in this paper.

7.3 This consultation paper has been prepared by the Scottish Executive with the assistance of a stakeholder group, the members of which were drawn from a wide range of sectors and interests. We are grateful for the efforts and input from the members of the group.