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Friday 28/11/2003

Statutory Duties to Promote Equal Opportunities and Evidence of Their Impact

Supporting paper for Strategic Group on Women's report

Summary and Discussion of Research Reviews on Women's and Gender Issues in Scotland

Supporting paper for the Strategic Group on Women's report

Know the Score Directory [Health and Community Care]

Provides contact details for organisations/services involved in the field of drug misuse, including national organisations, drug action teams and local and community services

Incidence of and survival from adolescent cancer in Scotland [Health and Community Care]

A short report of incidence and survival for adolescents with cancer using a new classification of adolescent cancers not previously used in Scotland.

NHSScotland - Cancer Incidence (up to 2000) & Mortality (up to 2002) Statistics [Health and Community Care]

Incidence and mortality numbers and rates by age, sex, health board and cancer site, updated to be based on patients diagnosed in 2000 and mortality in 2002.

NHSScotland Influenza Update 2002/03 [Health and Community Care]

Statistics relating to GP consultations for influenza and influenza vaccines dispensed in the community across Scotland.

Scotland's National Cultural Strategy Annual Report 2003 [Arts and Culture]

Annual Progress report on cultural initiatives which have taken place since November 2002

Strategic Group on Women: Improving the Position of Women in Scotland: An Agenda for Action [People and Society]

Recommendations for improving the position of women in Scotland

Thursday 27/11/2003

Acute Activity, Waiting Times and Waiting Lists – Quarter Ending 30 September 2003 [Health and Community Care]

Updates quarterly trends to September 2003, including coronary heart disease procedures. Annual trend data to March 2003 has been refreshed.

Scottish Schools Adolescent Lifestyle and Substance Use Survey (SALSUS) 2002 [Health and Community Care]

Reports on smoking, drinking and drugs use in the context of other aspects of pupils' lifestyles.

New Deal For Unemployed People In Scotland: Statistics To End September 2003 [Statistics]

Quarterly update of statistics on the New Deal for unemployed people in Scotland

Wednesday 26/11/2003

First Minister's Speech at 4th REGLEG Conference

Speech delivered at Salzburg on 12 November

REGLEG [Government]

Description of the work of REGLEG and the Scottish Presidency

NHSScotland Women & Children's Health (including Sexual Health) - Teenage Pregnancy 2002 [Health and Community Care]

Numbers and rates of pregnancies in young women under the age of 20 for the period 1991-2002. Figures are shown by age of conception and relate to deliveries, abortions or miscarriages in each year.

An Evaluation of the Protection from Abuse (Scotland) Act 2001 [Research]

This study was undertaken to monitor and evaluate the use and impact of the Protection From Abuse (Scotland) Act 2001.

Benchmarking and Definitions Within Contact Centres [Government]

Helps readers to understand the language used in the contact centre environment and the usefulness of benchmarking.

Domestic Abuse Recorded by the Police in Scotland, 1 January - 31 December 2002 [Statistics]

Statistical bulletin providing annual statistics on incidents of domestic abuse recorded in Scotland by Scottish police forces in 2002. The fourth in the series.

Evaluation of the Protection from Abuse (Scotland) Act 2001 - Research Findings [Research]

This study was undertaken to monitor and evaluate the use and impact of the Protection From Abuse (Scotland) Act 2001.

Homicide in Scotland, 2002 [Statistics]

Statistics on homicide in Scotland, 2002

Incentives for Householders to Change their Waste Practices [Environment]

This report was commissioned in October 2002 by the Scottish Executive and is identified in the National Waste Plan 2003.

Showing: 1 to 20 of 93