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A Partnership for a Better Scotland: Partnership Agreement



Joint Statement by the Leaders of the Scottish Labour Party and the Scottish Liberal Democrats

In the next four years of the Parliament, there is a great deal of work to do.

Work to encourage and stimulate economic growth. Work to tackle poverty and disadvantage, to improve and sustain our environment and to help all our communities live in peace and safety.

Scotland needs the stability of a strong and determined government and a vibrant parliament to deliver the change and the improvement her people deserve.

This Agreement represents the determination of two parties to work together to provide stability and innovative government. It is more than the combination of the two party's manifestos.

It sets out our vision for a Scotland where enterprise can flourish, where opportunity does exist for all and our people and our country have confidence to face the challenges of a global society. It provides a strong foundation for improvement, for progressive change and for the inclusion of ideas from all those who want to contribute to the process of making Scotland a better place.

In the next four years we are determined, together, to improve public services and tackle the real issues that matter to people in Scotland. We are determined to deliver on the promises that we have made. The people of Scotland expect our Parliament and the Executive to listen to their concerns, respond to their wishes and make a positive difference to their daily lives. This Agreement sets out the policies and the direction for government to meet that expectation.

Rt Hon Jack McConnell MSP
Scottish Labour Party
Rt Hon Jim Wallace QC MSP
Scottish Liberal Democrats


In this document we set out the principles which will guide our partnership in developing and implementing policies for Scotland.

We set out a number of the major initiatives which we will take together.

Guided by the principles we set out, we will work to implement these and other policy initiatives to make our partnership work for the people of Scotland.

It is agreed that the general policies and processes in place on 14 May 2003 shall be supported, unless amended by the policy agreement set out below.

We will evaluate all new spending commitments for their economic and social impact and value for money.

We want a Scotland that delivers sustainable development; that puts environmental concerns at the heart of public policy and secures environmental justice for all of Scotland's communities. Our commitment to the environment is demonstrated in every section of this Partnership Agreement.