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A Strategic Framework for Scottish Aquaculture


A Strategic Framework for Scottish Aquaculture

Part Four Implementation, oversight and review

4.1 All who participated in developing this Strategic Framework for the aquaculture industry in Scotland have a direct interest in its implementation. Responsibility for delivery of specific aspects is explicitly assigned within this document ( Appendix 3).

4.2 The Scottish Executive will chair a working group representing stakeholder interests to monitor progress. It will publish, on behalf of all the stakeholders, a revised version of Appendix 3 every twelve to eighteen months so that the extent of progress made is visible. Where a target date for achievement of one or other of this document's commitments has been exceeded, the reasons for the delay will also be made explicit.

4.3 As the outcomes identified in the priorities for action in Appendix 3 are attained, they will contribute to a greater understanding of aquaculture's future strategic requirements. We believe therefore that it will be appropriate to reconsider the Strategic Framework in its entirety within the next four to five years.