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A Strategic Framework for Scottish Aquaculture


A Strategic Framework for Scottish Aquaculture

Executive Summary

This Strategic Framework document is in four parts.

Part One explains how the Ministerial Working Group accomplished its task, sets out its vision for the aquaculture industry in Scotland and describes the economic, environmental, social and stewardship aspects of the overarching principle of sustainability to which it had regard in developing the Strategic Framework.

Part Two describes the context in which the aquaculture industry in Scotland is operating, lists the recent policy developments and other initiatives which bear on its operation and considers the issues which it must confront if it is to develop sustainably.

Part Three explains how the vision set out in Part One is to be realised, listing the objectives and identifying priorities for action. (This information is also set out in tabular form in Appendix 3, showing which bodies are responsible for delivering the actions and in what timescales.)

Part Four explains how it is proposed to monitor and publicise progress in delivering the Strategic Framework's objectives.