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Evaluation of the Scottish union learning fund— Year one (2000-2001)


Evaluation of the Scottish Union Learning Fund - Year 1 (2000-2001)


1 NTOs ceased to be recognised by government on 31st March 2002

2 A total of 8 questionnaire returns had been received when the employer survey was undertaken.

3 The cumulative outputs are based on the outputs of all 12 projects, all of which had completed their activities for that year of funding.

4 'Number of people having their learning needs surveyed/assessed' includes those that have taken part in a general learning needs survey and those that have had a formal assessment of their learning need.

5 Four non-case study unions provided details of 14 employers of which 5 participated in the employer survey.

6 Evaluation of the Wales Union Learning Fund, Welsh Assembly Government, March 2002.

7 Based on information supplied by the Scottish Executive on the Year 2 projects.

8 From 2001-02 all projects can bid for 2 years funding.

9 NTOs ceased to be recognised by government on 31st March 2002

10 Whilst project managers identified the number of employers involved in the project questionnaire. in a number of cases the project managers did not detail the nature of the employers' involvement. Hence the number of employers actively involved and the number of employers partially involved do not sum to the total number of employers involved.

11 Employers who have participated in the project for example through release for learners, promotion of the project, or by participating in the steering group are defined as actively involved.

12 Employers who have signed up to the projects and have had limited involvement, perhaps providing some funding, but not actively involved in promoting the project are defined as partially involved.

13 Statistics were recorded against the age bands presented only.

14 Funding only limited in the first year. From 2001-2002, two years funding available.

15 From 2001-2002 programmes, all projects can apply for two years funding.

16 disability is defined as a physical or mental condition that limits the type of work that an individual can do.