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The National Grid for Learning Summary of progress report 2


The National Grid for Learning Summary of progress report 2

Examples of Specific Projects


Notschool.net was a pilot project to create an on line virtual learning community of teenagers excluded from traditional learning institutions for a variety of reasons e.g. long-term hospitalisation, phobias or exclusion. Sixteen of the pupils were from Glasgow.

The Notschool project aimed to re-engage some of these teenagers in learning through:

  • using technology and an online learning environment as a catalyst;
  • rekindling the students' desire for learning using technology;
  • encouraging an interest in learning and developing a model for a cost-effective alternative to exclusion; and
  • exploiting ICT and, in particular, on line learning environments.

Notschool.net commissioned an external evaluation of the project, the main findings of which can be found in the main report.

SchoolsOut Glasgow

NGfL will now carry out a further pilot in collaboration with Glasgow Education Department. This pilot is to be named SchoolsOut Glasgow and aims to build on the experiences gained with the Notschool.net research project.

Scottish Cultural Resources Access Network (SCRAN)

In August 2001 SCRAN met its initial target of having 1 million records on line. SCRAN now provides access to over 1 million records, 160,000 of them multimedia, all copyright-cleared for educational use in every school in Scotland. These assets constitute a significant repository of resources for a range of curriculum areas including Art and Design, Design and Technology, History, Geography, Modern Studies, English and Gaelic. With new funding recently awarded by the New Opportunities Fund, the SCRAN Library will grow over the next two years to provide a wealth of resources for lifelong learning.

Further information on SCRAN can be found at www.scran.ac.uk /

Building Connections

Dr Elaine Murray, Deputy Minister for Tourism, Culture and Sport launched the Building Connections: The Curriculum and the Built Environment guidance document and accompanying CD-ROM at Whiteinch Primary School, Glasgow on 13 May 2002. The Building Connections publication illustrates the ways in which the built environment can provide useful teaching aids in a wide variety of areas such as Mathematics, Science, Geography, History and Art.

The published document is a precursor to the Building Connections website which is available at www.buildingconnections.co.uk . The site aims to provide one of the most comprehensive sources of information for schools on architecture in Europe.

The Scottish Common Higher Open Learning and Access Resources (SCHOLAR) Forum

The SCHOLAR Forum was launched in June 2000 in Edinburgh at Heriot-Watt University that is the lead body in the Forum. SCHOLAR provides online educational materials and teaching (supported by printed material) in the form of a 'virtual college'. These include texts, assessments, simulations, animations, interactive tutorials and online discussion groups at Advanced Higher and Higher Level in a number of subjects. More generally it aims to ease the transition from secondary school to further and higher education and to help with more self-directed learning.

The Executive has committed 700,000 to SCHOLAR in financial years 2001/2002 and 2002/2003 through its Future Learning & Teaching (FLaT) Programme to develop and further distribute online and paper-based materials.