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The National Grid for Learning Summary of progress report 2


The National Grid for Learning Summary of progress report 2

Progress with ICT Training


Funding for the ICT training of teachers and school librarians is provided through the New Opportunities Fund (NOF) www.nof.org.uk a National Lottery distribution body established by the Government. 23 million has been made available in Scotland to provide training which must be embedded in classroom and school library practice.

The training programme has been available from March 1999 and is now entering its final stages. All those who wished to take part had to sign up by the end of June 2002. By that date, 93% of the full-time equivalent number of Scottish teachers had signed up. The training uptake across the UK at July 2002 is shown below.




N. Ireland



Total Orders by July 2002






Percentage of FTE






* The figures in the 'Total Orders' column represent the total number of teachers who have placed orders. As the total number of individual teachers is greater than the FTE, the 'Percentage of FTE' figures exceeds 100% in some cases.

In June 2002 HMIE produced a report on the implementation of the NOF training initiative at ATP, education authority and school levels www.scotland.gov.uk/hmie .

Further Education

All colleges have received a share of 2.2 million for staff development in ICT in academic year (AY) 2000-2001, and a similar amount in AY 2001-2002. Common training activities have included the European Computer Driving Licence, network management, and tutoring for online learning.

The Scottish Further Education Funding Council (SFEFC) has also contracted for a staff development advisory service.

Almost half of the colleges have gained accreditation as training centres for vendor specific qualifications which are available to students and employers but can also be undertaken by college staff.

There is an increased uptake of the Teaching Qualification for Further Education, which includes consideration of the uses and applications of ICT.


A separate section of the Communities Channel within the NGfL Scotland Web Service has been developed to support the 'Connecting Communities ICT Training' programme.

To date, 900 practitioners have participated in the training and 2,500 will have participated by 2004. Participants will include representatives from the 'Digital Communities' project teams - see www.scotland.gov.uk/digitalscotland/digital-inclusion.asp

The NOF Communities Access to Lifelong Learning (CALL) initiative has been invaluable in providing information for Scottish practitioners in the development of community learning centres and Community Grids for Learning.

Connecting Communities ICT Training is a training programme designed to enhance the use of ICT in community learning agencies across Scotland and aims to increase awareness of the use of ICT within community learning and the possible uses of ICT for community capacity building by: delivering the core training material; increasing the ICT skills of the practitioners; equipping practitioners with suitable hardware and supporting the use of ICT within the community.

The People's Network

By the end of 2002 70% of public library staff will have achieved European Computer Driving Licence standard. These staff will be able to provide the public with assistance in using ICT and will encourage the public to develop their confidence. Local libraries, seen as a non-threatening environment by many adults who might be intimidated by traditional learning establishments, are ideally placed to fulfil these roles.

The Scottish Library and Information Council (SLIC) organised information days in October 2001 and March 2002 to provide authorities with support and guidance on training issues.