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The Children's Hearing System in Scotland Training Resource Manual 1st Rev. Edition


The Children's Hearing System in Scotland

Section 2 Roles, Responsibilities and Resources

1 Introduction

2 The organisation of the hearings system

Scottish Ministers

Children and Young People's Group

Social Work Services Inspectorate

Children's Panel Advisory Committees

Children's Panel Advisory Group

Children's panel members

The chairman of the children's panel

Children's Panel Chairmen's Group

Scottish Association of Children's Panels

Children's Panel Training Organisers


Children's Hearings Representative Group

The Council on Tribunals

3 The professionals who serve the system

Children's reporters

The police

Procurator Fiscal


Social Workers

Education staff

Medical staff

4 Responsibilities to children and their families

Duties of local authorities in the Children (Scotland) Act 1995


Children's services plans

Social services resources

Children away from home

Key requirements for children's services


Education resources

Voluntary organisations

Agencies working together to protect children

5 Permanency planning

Parental responsibilities orders

Adoption orders

Adoption panels

6 Summary

7 Further reading


The Blueprint for the Processing of Children's Hearings Cases

Any intervention in the life of a child, including the provision of supportive services, should be based on the collaboration between all relevant agencies.
(White Paper, Scotland's Children, 1993)