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Friday 31/01/2003

Scottish Diabetes Core Dataset [Health and Community Care]

The core information which needs to be shared amongst all those caring for people with diabetes. The dataset is fully Read coded.

Effective Interventions Unit: Evaluation of Greater Glasgow Pharmacy Needle Exchange Scheme 1997-2002 Summary [Health and Community Care]

A summary of a project examining activity levels and client profiles at pharmacy needle exchanges in Greater Glasgow over a six year period.

Draft National Care Standards for Specialist Clinics - A Consultation Paper [Health and Community Care]

A consultation paper on Specialist Clinics

General Medical Practitioners in Scotland [Health and Community Care]

Statistics on general medical practitioners in Scotland including age, sex and practice size.

Good Practice Guidelines for the Establishment of Contact Centres [Government]

Guidance to help the Scottish public sector develop call and contact centres to deliver better public services

Scottish Executive's Annual Report on Drug Misuse [Law, Order and Public Safety]

Records progress on the Drug Strategy for the year 2002

Survey on Environmental Issues in Scotland September 2002 [Environment]

The Scottish Executive is undertaking a major communications exercise to encourage the Scottish population to become more environmentally aware in their attitudes and behaviour.

Thursday 30/01/2003

Guide to Transport Assessment in Scotland Consultation Paper

The Guide sets out the requirements for the preparation of a Transport Assessment

Managing Incidents Presenting Actual or Potential Risks to the Public Health: Guidance on the Roles and Responsibilities of Incident Control Teams

Interim guidance on the roles and responsibilities of incident control teams

Effective Interventions Unit: Services for young people with problematic drug misuse - A guide to principles and practice - Summary [People and Society]

A summary document aiming to provide information and evidence to support the development of services for young people experiencing problems due to their own problematic drugs and/or substance misuse.

Cervical Cytology Workload Statistics [Health and Community Care]

Cervical smears examined by NHS laboritories in Scotland for quarter ending 30 September 2002

Teenage Pregnancy Statistics [Health and Community Care]

Teenage Pregnancy Figures for period 1991-2001

Co-operation Agreement between the Scottish Executive and the Regional Government of Tuscany [Government]

Text of the Agreement signed by First Minister in Tuscany on 15 November

Evaluation of the Clackmannanshire MLPS Visiting Specialist Programme [Education and Training]

Evaluation by Lesley Low, Richard Johnstone, Jean Conacher. University of Stirling, SCILT

Evaluation Report: Early Partial Immersion in French at Walker Road Primary School, Aberdeen. The First Two Years: 2000/1 and 2001/2. [Education and Training]

Evaluation by Professor Richard Johnstone, University of Stirling, Scottish Centre for Information on Language Teaching and Research (SCILT)

First Destination of Graduates and Diplomates in Scotland: 2000-01 [Statistics]

Information on first destinations of graduates and diplomates from full time higher education in Scotland 2000-01

Florence Declaration of the Regions with Legislative Power on the Future of Europe [Government]

REGLEG statement of the role of the Regions in the EU

Incidents of Violence and Anti Social Behaviour Against Local Authority School Staff in 2001/02 [Statistics]

News release giving statistics on incidents of violence and anti social behaviour against local authority school staff in 2001/02

Local Government Bill: Sewel Motion [Government]

Sewel Motion

Planning Advice Note PAN66 Best Practice in Handling Planning Applications affecting Trunk Roads [Planning]

This PAN has the overall aim of enabling RNMMD to reduce the time taken to process consultations.

Showing: 1 to 20 of 95