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Professional Review and Development 2002


Professional Review and Development 2002

The Process of Professional Review and Development
The CPD Portfolio

The maintenance of a CPD Portfolio is good practice for all teachers, regardless of their experience or aspirations. It can offer a systematic method for recording professional analysis and development throughout a teacher's career. New teachers entering the profession will maintain a professional development portfolio and profile for the duration of their induction post and should be encouraged to continue this practice once fully registered. Teachers who wish to enter the Chartered Teacher Programme will be required to have maintained a Portfolio.

The CPD Portfolio would remain the personal property of the individual teacher but could be used to:

  • present an analysis of personal and professional development;
  • present illustrations of current skills and abilities;
  • provide additional support in preparing for professional review;
  • provide a basis for discussion with key colleagues;
  • plan future professional development;
  • self-evaluate professional competence; and
  • assist in recording activities which may lead to accreditation.

The contents of a CPD Portfolio will vary but might include:

  • personal details;
  • qualifications;
  • employment history;
  • job descriptions of current and previous posts;
  • CPD Profile;
  • an analysis of professional experiences;
  • self-evaluation of professional competence;
  • reflective commentaries on CPD activities undertaken;
  • information relating to preparation for national standards;
  • personal development plan;
  • certificates; and
  • CV.

In reflecting on the impact or outcome of development experiences in the short or longer term, teachers may record the following:

  • developments in attitude;
  • developments in behaviour;
  • increase in knowledge;
  • increase in skills; and
  • impact on practice.
The Relationship of Professional Review with National Standards

Three national teaching standards are being designed to provide coherence and progression within CPD. As part of the professional review and development process, teachers can seek support to progress or enhance their professional skills and abilities through activity related to these national standards. The diagram below highlights some of the ways by which a teacher's career might progress.


Note: As the diagram demonstrates, the Chartered Teacher is entirely distinct from promoted posts in school leadership and management. Separate development provision will be designed to support teachers in pursuit of either career path. There should, however, be sufficient flexibility to enable a teacher who has started to pursue one development route, to change her or his mind and move onto the other route. Such teachers would be able to claim credit for relevant prior learning and experience.